• ASHA didi belongs to your village. She is the interface between your community and the public health system.
  • ASHA didi is empowered with knowledge and will provide you first-contact healthcare.
  • ASHA didi is always helping the community to participate in public health programs in the village.
  • ASHA didi is your just a call away for any health related demands of deprived sections of the population, especially women and children, who find it difficult to access health services.
  • ASHA didi is your health activist in the community who will create awareness on health and its social determinants and mobilize you and the community towards local health planning and increased utilization and accountability of the existing health services.
  • She will provide information to you and entire community on determinants of health such as nutrition, basic sanitation & hygienic practices, healthy living and working conditions, information on existing health services and the need for timely utilization of health & family welfare services.
  • She will counsel you and other women on birth preparedness, importance of safe delivery, breast-feeding and complementary feeding, immunization, contraception and prevention of common infections including Reproductive Tract Infection/Sexually Transmitted Infections (RTIs/STIs) and care of the young child.
  • ASHA didi will mobilise you and facilitate in accessing health and health related services available at the Anganwadi/sub-centre/primary health centers, such as immunisation, Ante Natal Check-up (ANC), Post Natal Check-up supplementary nutrition, sanitation and other services being provided by the government.