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Participation of Men in Responsible Parenthood

  • Family planning is a dual responsibility, the oneness of which rests on both the partners and not one.
  • Men’s active engagement in family planning and reproductive health leads to the overall wellbeing of their families
  • The relationship between a husband and wife needs to be equal and reciprocal
  • Spousal communication is key to joint decision-making. Open communication between partners and shared decision making about family size and method choice creates a favorable environment for a happy and healthy family
  • Respect for your partner and provide her the space and opportunity to voice her opinion and take decisions best suited to her body. This is the sign of true masculinity!
  • Husbands need to support their partners by helping them access information, service and products; or by using male contraceptive methods such as condom or a permanent method such as male sterilization or NSV
  • NSV is a quick, safe and one of the most effective method for men. It is a simple procedure that hardly takes 10-20 minutes
  • NSV does not interfere with work of any kind, nor does it decrease sex drive, erection or ejaculation
  • Men can initiate positive change. Accompany your wife for family planning counseling or during pregnancy for her antenatal checkups. Extend support for household chores and ensure she consumes a nutritious diet. An undernourished mother gives birth to an undernourished baby.
  • Seek counseling on family planning and reproductive health from your ASHA or provider and discuss couple related issues jointly. They will best guide on the method best suited to your and your families needs.