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Spacing between Children

  • The couple should understand the criticality of spacing between 2 children. Spacing children too closely together has deleterious effects on the health of both the mother and the child and may even endanger their lives.
  • Ideal birth spacing interval should be between 3-5 years.
  • Children born after 3-5 years of previous birth are more likely to survive through all stages of childhood than children born less than 3 years apart. Women who give birth 27-32 months after a previous birth also have reduced risk of dying and facing pregnancy related complications compared to a woman who delivers 9-14 months after a previous pregnancy.
  • Spacing the children also helps reduce stress on both the partners related to the upbringing of 2 children at too close but different stages of childhood, their health, studies, housing, medical expenses, thus providing financial stability.
  • Spacing 2 children closely also doubles up responsibilities. Upbringing and nurturing 2 children at two close but different stages of childhood leaves the attention divided. It may give way to sibling rivalry. Each of the children is bereft of the attention that should have ideally gone into which might lead to poor health effects on the children.
  • The couple should know the fact that the known side effects of spacing methods, if any, are minor and relatively rare.