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Plan for Starting Your Family Responsibly

  • The couple should have mutual understanding and ask themselves if they are ready financially, are parents pressing, is their relationship strong or they are just planning so that they can mend an ailing relationship.
  • The couple should think well, discuss and plan for bearing a child. It should not be instinct driven nor should it be driven by any external pressure.
  • Starting a family is a very important step in married life and the couple needs to be clear that it is their family and they need to figure out the right time to start.
  • The couple should understand the fact that age is not a consideration for planning a child. There is no set age limit. They can, and should, plan when both the partners feel they are ready – physically, mentally, financially.
  • Financial stability is one of the biggest factors while planning for a child. The couple should carefully plan and ensure that they have enough money to raise their kids, for their school and college, housing and medical care.
  • Couple should understand and be ready that their life – relationship between the partners, their social relationships, their sleep, sex life – will change with the arrival of new-born.
  • Also the responsibility of the child has to be equivalently divided between both the partners.
  • Male partner needs to devote more time to family life, take care of the financial chores at least along with the immediate care that the female partner and the baby needs. In the first few weeks, the female partner will have to be relieved of all responsibilities other than feeding the baby and taking care of herself. She will need plenty of rest, good nutrition.
  • Communication is key in preventing hurt feelings or misunderstandings when emotions are fragile these first few weeks.