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Get to Know Each Other for Starting Your Married Life


Decisions related to family planning must be taken after proper discussion with one’s partner. It is the responsibility of both the parties to know each other’s plans and comfort zone to making the decision to raise a family. Humdo.nhp is always there to guide couples towards the right direction and help them with tips to improve communication, so that both are in the same boat before making a choice that will have a drastic impact on their lives.

  • The key to a long and happy relationship is proper communication. Talk with your partner and share each other’s thoughts to form a strong bond that is built on trust and transparency.
  • Honestly and truthfully plan and talk about how you see your married life and hence a future family shaping up. As life partners you both need to develop an intimacy and should be best of friends for each other. Talk about each and everything, your social life, your personal life and a life for both of you as one. This is the time when a couple needs to understand each other and develop an unbreakable trust.
  • Talk about what you love about each other and what not, what you love in those intimate moments. Talk about your sexual life before you actually start a family. This would be the only time for ‘You Two’. Talk about contraception and its various methods that can be practised to avoid pregnancy, at least in the very first year. Do not hesitate in seeking help for information on the basket of contraceptive choices available for couples.
  • A dialogue regarding desired family size may enable a couple to reach an agreement about limiting fertility.
  • Husband and wife need to communicate and express their views and understanding on how they plan to build their family, without any hesitation or reluctance. The couple needs to share and express their thoughts and wants of bearing a child.
  • The couple should not let themselves rush into having children in the very first year of marriage due to pressures from in-laws, parents, and friends.